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DJ Jump Cut...
deejays weddings and clubs for discerning tastes.
owns a mixing board, professional turntable, 2 CD players, and a mic, but no PA, but loves deejaying and so costs less.
is flexible and responsive rather than egomaniacal and staid.

My background: I have done several weddings and have spun live--locally at Club Foot, Delilah's, Darkroom, and Danny's. College DJ for several years (and music lover since infancy). Neurotically knowledgeable, a bona fide critic and music columnist for Citylink, Third Coast Press (both R.I.P.), and Chicago Six Corners. As such, my set will be easy on the ears, with a wild and fine collection of genre and era jumping musics. A former Jazz Director, I could also do a classy and accessible jazz set. Keen on segues, requests, gaging crowds, and showing up on time and doing the job with all respect to the wonderful artists I play.

Crafting Perfect Sets of:
*70's Artrock (Thin Lizzy, Roxy, Bowie)------ College Rock (Cure, Feelies, Smiths, XTC) ------ *Girl Groups (Spector, British, Guryan) ------ *Country (Cash, Rich, Hanks) ------ *Reggae/Dub (Studio 1, and so forth) ------ *Funk (James Brown, JAMES Brown) ------ *Punk (Thunders, Buzzcocks, Ramones) ------ *Glam (Sweet, Uncle Gary, etc.) ------ *50's N'Orleans, Rock, Soul, Country ------ *Underappreciated 60ís garage, beat, and soul groups like The Easybeats, Love, The Remains, The Standells, King Curtis, Screaming Lord Sutch, and Major Lance.*

Other Artists include:
***Townes Van Zandt/Nick Drake*** ***The Exploding Hearts*** ***King Tubby*** ***The Beach Boys/60ís Dylan/Action/Small Faces/*** ***Uncle Tupelo/Slim Cessna*** ***Blondie/Undertones*** ***NY Dolls/MC5/Stooges/Prepunk*** ***Zombies/Beatles/Beat ***Kris Kristofferson/Roger Miller/Buck Owens*** ***T Rex/Bowie/Gary Glitter*** ***John Mayall*** ***Holly/Orbison*** ***The Kinks/Who/Stones*** ***Randy Newman*** ***The Damned/Clash/UK Punk*** ***TV on the Radio*** ***Common/Prince*** ***XTC/DEVO/Buzzcocks/Wire*** ***The Talking Heads*** ***Cure/Smiths/Echo*** ***The Velvet Underground*** ***Big Star/Power Pop*** ***Otis Redding*** ***Replacements/Sonic Youth*** ***Roxy Music ***Al Green/Stevie Wonder*** ***James Brown*** ***Bobby Conn/Yo La Tengo*** ***ELO/Nilsson*** ***Television, Modern Lovers*** ***Johnny Cash/Neko Case*** ***Public Enemy/Tribe*** ***Toots & the Maytalls*** ***Gram Parsons*** ***The Fall/Kraftwerk*** ***Yardbirds/Small Faces/Byrds/Animals*** ***Captain Beefheart*** ***NAS/Gang Starr*** ***Elvis Costello/Nick Lowe/etc.*** ***Grandaddy/Flaming Lips*** ***Joy Divison*** ***Bar Kays/Booker T/Ray Charles/Allen Toussaint/Huey Piano Smith***

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