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Radio: WGN and Radio 1190 Traffic Manager, Host, Producer, Board Operator, Promoter, Music Reviewer, Trainer, Writer, Voicer, ProTools and Reel-to-Reel Editor, Jazz Director, Buyer.
Television: Starz-Encore Commercial Producer, Copy Writer, Shoot Assister, etc.
Photography: Volunteer at the Hull House, Processor, Printer, Equipment Maintainer.
Film: Worked on student shoots.
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******Film Teacher******

I graduated magna cum laude from the University of Colorado at Boulder in recognition of a remarkably lengthy thesis on the American Film Musical of the Fifties. Here, I studied under avant-garde master Stan Brakhage, noted film historian Bruce Kawin, and was the personal research assistant to Professor Melinda Barlow, a film historian and Joseph Cornell scholar.
I taught the clases "Forgotten Silver: A Reel View of Film History" in Spring of 2003 and "Woody Allen in Exisenstial Crisis" in the Fall of 2003 at Facets Multimedia in Chicago.
I have also published articles in Bright Lights Film Journal and The Film Journal.