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The Mayor Holds Court

Have mercy on us all.  The Mayor of Rock and Roll has come to pass judgment.



Supplies Party!!! The Last Day of the Rest of Your Life  


Earlier today, I sat on my amply padded ass and thought about Rock ní Rollís great ironies. No, that doesnít mean I was thinking about glittery t- shirt decals, I was actually thinking about the fact that Greg Norton was actually Husker Duís token heterosexual. Who knew? I guess maybe he did, but thatís beside the point. Or maybe it isnít.

After all, irony and Rock Ní Roll go together like olives and feta, they really do. I mean, look at who actually puts out CDs, look at the people who become the objects of major label bidding wars, look at the idiocy that critics and audiences alike drool over. Supplies Party!!! has become none of this yet, but I foresee a publicist's Swedish triplet come Ďtill you walk with a permanent hunch having a wet dream on this one.

Inside the CD you have a photo of four moppety, mopey twats all trying to rewrite the Ray Davies songbook by way of Sonic Youth. I donít know which guy it is, but one of them is wearing big bugeye sunglasses under a very fussed over, tousled bowl cut. I would very much like to punch him in his mouth.

Ah wellÖIím sure they have good company with Spoon, Trail of Dead and their happy ilk. I can only sit in a dark room and hope they go the way of Paw, Filter and Green Apple Quickstep. As it stands now, long may they continue to impress critics and bore me.



Supplies Party !!! The Last Day of the Rest of Your Life 3.8/10. Review by the Mayor of Rock 'n' Roll.


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